Driving Digital Engagement for Aaj Tak

Utilizing display ads for Aaj Tak, we implemented a cost per mille (CPM) model to drive traffic to the Aaj Tak website effectively. Targeting audiences interested in news and current affairs, we strategically placed ads across relevant websites and mobile apps. By optimizing ad creatives to resonate with our target audience and aligning messaging with Aaj Tak's brand identity, we successfully attracted a substantial volume of traffic to the website.

Campaign Successs

TThe campaign yielded exceptional results, with over 5 million impressions generated during the campaign period. Furthermore, the click-through rate (CTR) surpassed industry benchmarks, achieving an impressive 1.2%. Additionally, the bounce rate remained below 40%, indicating that the majority of visitors engaged with the website's content upon arrival. These metrics demonstrate the effectiveness of our display ad strategy in driving both awareness and user engagement for Aaj Tak. By delivering compelling ad experiences and effectively capturing audience attention, we were able to maximize the impact of the campaign and contribute to the overall success of Aaj Tak's digital marketing initiatives.