Driving Subscription Growth for Gaana

In implementing display ads for Gaana to boost subscription numbers through a cost per subscription (CPS) model, we meticulously targeted music enthusiasts across various online platforms. By strategically placing ads on popular websites and mobile apps frequented by our target audience, we maximized visibility and engagement. Through compelling ad creatives highlighting Gaana's premium features and exclusive content, we effectively incentivized users to subscribe, leveraging the CPS model to optimize cost efficiency and drive conversions.

Success of the Campaign

The campaign yielded resounding success, resulting in over 8,000 new subscriptions within the designated timeframe. This exceptional outcome not only surpassed our initial expectations but also underscored the effectiveness of our display ad strategy in driving tangible results. By focusing on a CPS model, we ensured that every advertising dollar spent translated directly into measurable subscriber growth for Gaana. The campaign's triumph highlights the power of data-driven targeting and persuasive ad content in driving user acquisition and revenue generation for digital subscription services like Gaana.