Unlocking Fyer's Success

Utilizing display ads for Fyers, we implemented a cost-per-acquisition (CPA) model to drive an uptick in demat account openings. Targeting relevant audiences across various online platforms, we crafted compelling ad creatives highlighting Fyers' unique value propositions, such as low brokerage fees and user-friendly trading platforms. By strategically placing these ads where potential investors frequented, we aimed to capture their interest and prompt them to open a demat account with Fyers.

Success of the Campaign

The campaign yielded remarkable success, resulting in over 10,000 demat account openings. Moreover, an impressive 20%+ of these new account holders engaged in trading activities within the specified timeframe. This achievement underscores the effectiveness of our display ad strategy in not only attracting a substantial number of new customers but also in driving active participation in Fyers' trading platforms. By focusing on a CPA model, we optimized our advertising spend to deliver tangible outcomes, demonstrating the campaign's ability to generate significant ROI for Fyers.