Performance Campaigns

Performance Campaigns are marketing initiatives focused on specific actions, such as registration, deposit, or transaction, to gauge effectiveness and ROI. These campaigns utilize metrics like conversion rates, cost per acquisition, and customer lifetime value to optimize outcomes. By incentivizing desired actions, they drive measurable results, making them integral in digital marketing strategies across various industries for achieving specific business objectives efficiently.


In the Registration Model of Performance Marketing, success is gauged by the number of user registrations or sign-ups generated through marketing efforts. This approach focuses on driving targeted traffic to registration pages or forms, where users provide their information to access specific content, services, or promotions. Marketers aim to optimize conversion rates by designing user-friendly registration processes and offering compelling incentives to encourage registrations. By tracking registration metrics and analyzing conversion data, marketers can refine targeting strategies and improve campaign effectiveness to drive higher registration rates and achieve business goals.

02Acquisition Model

In the Acquisition Model, the primary objective is to acquire new customers or users through targeted marketing efforts. Marketers focus on attracting qualified leads and converting them into paying customers or active users. This model encompasses various acquisition channels such as paid advertising, content marketing, and referral programs, each aimed at reaching and engaging with potential customers. By tracking acquisition metrics such as cost per acquisition (CPA) and conversion rate, marketers can assess the efficiency of their acquisition strategies.

03Install Model

In the Install Model, the key metric is the number of app installations achieved through marketing campaigns. This model is particularly relevant for mobile app developers and marketers seeking to increase their app's user base. By promoting app downloads through targeted advertising, app store optimization, and incentivized campaigns, marketers aim to drive installations and expand the app's reach. Tracking install metrics allows marketers to evaluate the effectiveness of their campaigns, optimize targeting strategies, and allocate resources efficiently to maximize app installs and drive business growth.

04First Transaction/ Transaction Model

In the Transaction/First Transaction Model, the primary focus is on driving conversions, specifically the completion of the first transaction by new customers. Marketers aim to guide users through the entire customer journey, from initial awareness to making their first purchase or transaction. By optimizing campaigns for conversion and providing a seamless purchasing experience, marketers can increase the likelihood of users completing their first transaction. Tracking metrics such as conversion rate, average order value, and customer lifetime value allows marketers to assess campaign performance, refine targeting strategies, and maximize revenue generation through successful transactions.


In the Deposit Model, the emphasis lies on encouraging users to make a deposit or financial transaction, typically in the context of online gaming, gambling, or fintech industries. Marketers aim to attract qualified leads and guide them towards completing a deposit, which often serves as a key indicator of user engagement and potential lifetime value. By optimizing campaigns to incentivize deposits and providing a seamless deposit experience, marketers can drive conversions and revenue growth. Tracking deposit metrics allows marketers to evaluate campaign effectiveness, optimize targeting strategies, and maximize return on investment (ROI) through successful deposit transactions.